This week's world famous Weekly Review of Dance Music is coming straight to you from the internet. What is the internet? Well, we can all agree that the internet is wicked, but what you didn't realise is that it has revolutionised the way we listen to dance music. How? Well, today on this Tuesday's WRDM I'm going to be telling you how. I'll be explaining:
  • Podcasts
  • Internet web pages relating to dance music
  • Social network internet web page sites relating to dance music
  • YouTube videos relating to dance music
  • Buying dance music...online
  • Blogs relating to dance music
  • Dancing on the dance floor in a nightclub on the internet (yes, you read that correctly!! LOLoutLOUD)
  • And MORE
So, without further ado about nothing, let me begin. NOW.


"Nan, I can't fucking wait to get down Virgin Megastore and buy the latest Fabric CD by Radioactive Man." Those very words were uttered by a 22 year old Tonka in Bir*ing*am, We*t Mi*lan*s in 2003. In those days podcasts were just a glint in the bloke who used to manage Apple's eyes before tragically dying recently. Yes, the iPod Nano changed everything. Before the iPod Nano came along you had to put your coat on, put your shoes on, walk out the door, jump on the 51 bus to ***m***h**, get off in the city centre, walk to Virgin Megastore, walk past the VHS aisle to the dance music CD section, find the CD you want, check the case for breakage, check the other CDs in case any of them had been marked cheaper, take it to a fucking counter and pay a fucking MAN to give it back to you in a plastic fucking bag. Sounds ridiculous doesn't it? In this day and age it does but, believe it or not, back then it was the norm!

Nowadays you can buy any Fabric CD you want by clicking a mouse on the left hand shoulder and saying to yourself, "I can't wait to download this." Or do you?

Why BUY a CD by Radioactive Man and download it when you can download a podcast by Radioactive Man for free without paying for it? I strongly advise AGAINST buying DJ compilations from now on. If there is a CD out by a DJ you like, simply Google search the DJ's name followed by the word, "podcast". This will open up a whole list of FREE mixes by that DJ that you can download for nothing pence. Trust me, this really works. Let me break it down with a step-by-step example:
  1. Turn on your laptop/PC computer
  2. Open up www.google.co.uk on the internet
  3. In the search bar in the middle of the page type the words "Tony de Vit podcasts"

This will bring up a whole raft of mixes compiled specially by Tony de Vit which are not for commercial use, i.e. you will not find them cased up on the rack at Virgin Megastore. Tony, like every other DJ, makes these mixes for his fans. He, and the others, are aware of the current economic climate and I think they should be congratulated for putting out free mixes as an option for those of us who can't afford to pay for CDs and expensive download albums. Podcasts are a no-brainer. It's a free download and, best of all, its free!

Podcasts are available on iTunes, Resident Advisor do a nice range and also on Google Search there are literally hundreds of podcasts to listen to. Ch-ch check 'em out.

Resident Advisor, in particular, pride themselves on their podcasts. Everyone and everyone has donated a free dance mix to the series. They've recently had to ask staff members to create mixes under made up DJ names because they're running out of DJs to work with. Nobody questions these mixes though because they're afraid to sound uncool and not in the know. I couldn't give a fuck though so I'm happy to expose DJ Nobu, Consequence, Xhin, Dexter, Max Cooper, Alva Noto, DJ Deep, Skream, Lucy and TR-101 as staffers at RA HQ. I've never heard of them. You've never heard of them. They're not proper DJs. They don't play in proper clubs and YOU should be thanking ME for having the balls to say so. Saying that, I love every single RA podcast and I very much look forward to the Ricardo Villalobos minimal mix in three weeks time. Oops, I think I let the cat out the bag...sorry guys!

Subscribe to RA through iChoons on your laptop so you don't even have to worry about manually downloading the thing yourself. You simply open iChoons and...voila! the podcast downloads itself straight into your music playlist and STRAIGHT onto your iPod Nano in time for breakfast with Bill Turnbull.

For the record, the best RA podcast is RA138, René Breitbarth. It is house music from start to finish, around 123 bpm per minute and lasts for over an hour. Really, check the fucker out - its brilliant.

Right, I've banged on so much about podcasts I can't be arsed to write about anything else. Next week's WRDM14 will deal with the rest of the internet. In the mean time, read this post again, email it to your friends, post it on Twitter, post it on Facebook and spread my truth like a woman's legs before you put your face there.

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