Teshno Talk

I forgot to post about this last week. I wrote an article for an internet broadsheet called Teshno. Teshno is a website that calls itself Teshno because, apparently, Seth Troxler reckons that the Germans can't say 'techno' properly. Excuse me, Troxy. I'm not being funny but I've got a mate who lived in Bremen until he was 18 and he talks properly alright. I haven't asked him to say 'techno' but I know for a FACT that if I did ask him he would be able to say it EASILY. He prefers trance though so I don't think he'd be up for attempting the word 'techno'. Either way, he COULD say 'techno' if he wanted so stick that up your fucking moustache, Seth, and swallow it.

Have a read of what I had to say by following this link here, now: teshno.com/tonka

I've written on a very controversial topic: DJ beef. Not DJ Beef (the long time resident at Hot Cock in Brighton), DJ beef (DJs picking on one another). I realise it's about a year too late but it's taken me that long to calm down after reading what Sneak said about DJs who become popular. He needs to fucking chill out and let people live their lives. I don't like Swedish House Mafia either but fair play to them for making their cash money stacks high by selling shit to wankers. I'd do exactly the same. Money is fucking brilliant. Juicy style.

I'll be back soon with reviews of House of God, John Shuttleworth and the new Fabric CD by Peter Inspirescu from Romania.

No. Ignore me, there's already at least two reviews of that Fabric CD on the WWW so I won't bother. I'll write a review about a different CD instead. Probably the new one by Umek or something. I don't know yet. Anyway, this new Fabric CD sounds wicked:

Fabric 68 / Peter Inspirescu

A lovely and very well written piece on this blog about dancing in Paris and London, A Tale of Two Cities:


A very well written and lovely piece on this website about dance music and forum trolls, Resident Advisor:


It's all good, baby baby...