FAC 69 / A Night With...Graeme Park

This article is the official preview to A Night With...Graeme Park at Basing House on Friday 12 April 2013
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I was born in 1980, two years before The Hacienda burst out of Tony Wilson’s tummy and seventeen years before it fell over and died of guns outside Bez’s cave in Madchester. If you've never been then I wholeheartedly recommend a visit. It's a bunch of fucking flats now but there's nothing to say you can't hang around the staircases necking Vera's and pick-pocketing students.

Back when Fac 51 was a proper nightclub it was a byword for antics and the epicenter of the only cultural revolution of our generation's generation: The Madchester Acid House Summer of Love '89 & '88 - The Acid House Ecstasy Years. Growing up just a 77 miles stone's throw from Manchester, I was fortunate to be surrounded by the whispered tales of excess. House music was a rumour. Ecstasy was the pop suicide of a youth hell-bent on life. I saw the shadows of characters chase their own, suspect echoes; New Order, Tony Wilson, The Smiths, Happy Mondays, Paul Morley, that lanky poet who calls himself a punk, Simply Red, M People and 808 State were all heard screaming shit into the wind whilst my gang of pre-teen dreamers could only wish away the time it would take before we could chase the North Star to Whitworth Street West.

I turned 18 at the arse end of 1998. On the afternoon of my birthday I hitch-hiked to Madchester, on my own, with nothing but drug money and a birth certificate. Mine. I wore baggy hair, a t-shirt with dollars on it and a pair of jeans you could see from Jupiter! I looked fucking boss, la.

Swaggering down towards The Hacienda I remembered that it had been shut for a year so I went home. Staggering by an all night charity shop in Congleton, I ducked in to look at the CDs and was STUNNED to see top Page 3 babe Melinda Messenger staring back at me from the cover of a Miss Moneypenny's album sleeve. Too Glamorous was the low-key follow up to Glamorous One and featured turns by Jim "Shaft" Ryan and Graeme Park. Although the stand out track is It's Over (Distorted) (It's Over Mix) by Pianoheadz on the "Shaft" CD, the most cohesive-est mix is by Graeme Park.

"Why, Tonka?"

Buy it NOW and you'll know why: Miss-Moneypennys-Too-Glamorous

Graeme Park plays an 8 hour set in London next week. Go to Basing House in Shoreditch at 10pm on Friday 12 April 2013 and watch him do one of those crucial A Night With... parties. Warm up, peak time and the weird stuff all from one man.

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Go on Graeme's website here: Aciiiiiiiiiiiiid
Look! Basing House! Here: It's in Shoreditch!
Look at the Hacienda here: fac51

I'm going and I'd really like to see YOU there too. Contact me for FREE handshakes and, if you're a girl, air kisses.

See you all next week for more dance music news and reviews. In the mean time, spread me all over the internet like jam on sandwich.

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