WRDM Sell Out 2

Have you ever been to a library and looked around for a good book to read, but when you find the one you want (Naughty Bastards by Kate Kray) the sleeve has been defaced by someone with a MASSIVE interest in dance music and a MASSIVE green marker pen who has written Tall Paul Rokz but Mylo iz crap? If so, then you've been to the library in Northolt Leisure Centre...and that graffiti was by ME.

I saw Tall Paul at Sundissential in 1999 and he was brilliant. Mylo at Bugged Out in 2005 was embarrassing. He couldn't beat match. Tall Paul could.

The library in Northolt Leisure Centre has about 500 books in it. The British Library in St. Pancras has probably more than double that. So, if you're as into reading as I am get yourself down there tomorrow morning and borrow a nice new book for a bit.

If, also like me, you're into starting your own businesses you can even rope in The British Library to help you.

Follow this link here: Business Advice

To read stuff like this:

The British Library Business & IP Centre at St Pancras, London can help you start, run and grow your business.

I'll be back next week/soon/maybe tomorrow/this week with my all important Remix of the Week. I'll be following that up with WRDM21 and a podcast with Draper.

Stay in school and keep reading books.

With great delight,