This Tuesday’s Weekly Review of Dance Music has sensationally been moved forward at the behest of the subject of this Tuesday’s MASSIVE QUESTIONS. Acid Mondays hate the rest of the week so much that they agreed to me publishing the interview on the strict proviso that it is published only on a Monday.

Acid Mondays didn't know that the WRDM team were flying over...

I was flown across to the Balearic Islands on a big purple hot air balloon commandeered by my friends at Ibiza Voice Dot Com ( Packed in my satchel was a big red book for an absolute legend of the game (of dance music).

However, instead of landing in the out-door area at Space during Carl Cox’s ultimate rave set, the wind picked up and we crash landed in the back garden of a villa in Sant Miquel de Balasant! As we scrambled out of the bell-end-shaped ripstop nylon envelope, high-fiving one another, we realised that we hadn’t ended up in an old man’s back garden, we’d gate-crashed an afternoon house party at Acid Mondays HQ.

Luckily for us, the music was lovely, the revelers were delicious and Acid Mondays didn’t have us chucked out because as they were hallucinating we were simply dance angels sent from Heaven to interview them for MTV Base.

We did video the following interview but I lost the tape in duty free at Ibiza airport – luckily for you, I have a photographic memory. Here is the transcript from the bottom of my mind:

Q) For anyone unfamiliar with Acid Mondays could you tell THEM who you are, what you do and why you do it?
A) We are a House & Techno duo from the fifth dimension who love making beats & collecting vinyl.

Q) Has getting established in the dance music industry been an uphill struggle or a walk in the fucking park because you're dead good at DJing, like?
A) Anything that has solid roots and grows naturally takes time and a lot of hard work. Skill, vision and dedication all play major parts in the process.


Q) Open or closed hi-hat?
A) Both, run through our Sp1200.

Q) How did you come up with the moniker, Acid Mondays? Did you ever toy with the idea of prefixing it with DJ, like proper DJs (DJ Acid Mondays) or suffixing it with something more exciting, like Techno Gang (DJ Techno Gang) or Beat Krew (DJ Beat Krew)?
A) Acid Mondays was a name used to describe our colourful nights out from summer gone by and has stuck reminding us of those endless nights spent on the dance floor.

Q) What's your involvement in the Zoo Project? Are you the residents or did you invent it?
A) We play regularly as part of a strong lineup of some of the best Underground dance music past, present and future.

Q) The line up at Zoo Project Festival looks solid. Apart from Acid Mondays, Midland, Evan Baggs and DJ Sneak, who are you most looking forward to seeing?
A) Joy Orbison, Boddika & Funk E.

Q) What has been the scariest thing you've experienced whilst on a Monday afternoon acid trip? Mine was Freddy Kruger's face EVERYWHERE and what felt like a descent into Hell on the way to the chip shop in Muswell Hill...but that was on a Saturday afternoon and I'd taken (mu)shrooms.
A) Our friend Carlo Davids ever expanding sweat patches and Garry Todd’s driving.

Q) I've been to Kettering and it's fucking shit. On the Zoo Project Festival website it looks fucking brilliant. Who's lying?
A) The festival site has moved to Donnington now so unfortunately we wont be able to let you know. Guess its all about perspective though.

Q) What is Ibiza like?
A) Pure energy, with some of the best vibes on earth.

Q) What is your all-time favourite mix CD and why?
A) Mixmag Cosmic disco by Derrick Carter! Timeless house and techno created in 1997 that is still relevant today.

Q) Were you disappointed that you only completed the production of I Married A Pineapple four years after Top of the Pops was cancelled, thus being cruelly denied the chance to perform it in front of a mainstream UK audience?
A) We are holding out for a closing set on Blue Peter.

Q) Joan Collins or Joanna Lumley?
A) Neither.

Q) What do Acid Mondays do when Ibiza isn't open?
A) Studio, touring and time traveling.

Q) Do you have any advice for any young readers of this blog who are looking to break into the dance music industry?
A) Listen to your gut feeling, be true to yourself & don’t follow the crowd and give everything a listen.

Q) Stone cold sober or absolutely fucking terminated?
A) It’s all about the balance.

Q) Literally dozens of people read this blog every year. Is there anything you want to plug on WRDM?
A) We have an EP called ‘Hoffmans Bumbag’ due out soon on Contemporary Scarecrow, that’s going to be a vinyl only release. Then after the summer we have a remix for Boris Horel on La Vie En Rose, a remix of an old S-Men track on Sneak Classics and a remix for the German Jazz legend Wolfgang Haffner that’s coming out on Timo Mass’s Rockets & Ponies label.


What a lovely pair of young men. Please join me in wishing them both all the best for their future endeavours and send them the best vibes you can.

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