MASSIVE QUESTIONS is just like the buses, you wait ages for one and then loads of them come at once! LOLoutLOUD!

I did write this the other day for them though.

Anyway, if you know your dance music then you know that Flori makes dance music for people in popular nightclubs and even plays the recordings of the music he's made (mostly with his BFF, and my nan, Ethyl) in the popular nightclubs that the dancers (clubbers) are dancing to!

Talk about fingers in pies, if Flori doesn't slow down he'll have the pastry and chicken and mushroom all over his fists! Know what I mean?

I'm not going to tell you loads about him because, to be honest, you should fucking know already. If you don't know about Flori, here are some MASSIVE QUESTIONS I conducted with him on the cobbles of The Light Bar in Wolverhampton last week that should give you all the information you need.


Q) For anyone unfamiliar with the name Flori, can you tell THEM who you are, what you do and why you do it?
A) Hello Tonka. I am an Englishman who tries to make and play house and techno. I do it for all the wrong reasons; booze, broads and bucks.

Q) You famously grew up just outside of Wolverhampton. How did you swerve the influence of Slade, Black Sabbath, Nu-NRG Ultra House and very close family members advising you to knock on factory doors when you turn sixteen that must have been palmed down your throat and end up making records for Secretsundaze, etc?
A) I naturally swerved all that shit with a childhood soundtrack of Northern and Philly Soul, Motown and seventies crossover stuff. Away from soul, two of my old man’s biggest passions are Puccini and The Beatles, so I was bombarded with melody whilst still in my cot. So yeah, guitar sounds (bar The Beatles) and Euro synth-lines were few and far between in our household, which is probably why I never got in to Ozzy or those two Italian chaps (I had to look Nu NRG up).

Getting in to house music seemed like a natural progression from the soul stuff. I remember going to my folk’s modern soul nights as a young teen and hearing tracks like Jon Cutler –It’s Yours. I loved the huge kicks and the repetitive nature of it all. I knew straight away that this was what I wanted to do. A few years later and I was sending dodgy demos to my boys Giles and James (obviously this was post-Sundissential) and they've been bloody brilliant to me ever since.

Q) Clap or snare?
A) Clap. Like in Downlink – Arrival.

Q) What software/hardware do you use to make music?
A) Software-wise I've always used Logic. She makes you work really hard for average mixes but there’s something very attractive about her dull, grey appearance. There’s a trust there I’ve never managed to gain with other programs. On the hardware front, I’ve recently purchased a Moog Minitaur and an MFB Tanzbär. They both sound shit-hot and I’m looking forward to getting two working harmoniously together over the coming weeks.

Tim (Ethyl), who I work a lot with, has recently bought a load of new toys. We’re both trying to get out of that damn box as much as possible.

Q) How long have you been making music, and how much has the hardware/software changed since you first started?
A) Nearly 6 years, I think – with my first record coming out nearly 4 years ago. For the first few years it was all computer-based music – soft synths and samples (who, I have to thank Tim for). The computer though, does have a way of making the creative process seem more like work and this is why more recently, I’ve been keen to move away from it and fire up some machines.


Q) I typed Flori into YouTube the other day and it's FULL of Albanian SHIT. Even typing DJ Flori into the search bar delivers the same results. What is the best way to watch your videos on YouTube?
A) Ah, Flori Mumajesi. I’m convinced family members who’ve shown an interest in what I do, think that that’s me. He seems a good guy. I was having a conversation about this very issue with Leif (of Fear of Flying and UMHS fame) a few months ago, as he has a similar problem. I suppose you need to use specific track titles when searching. If you get one up, I’m sure YouTube will do the rest.

Q) What is Ethyl really like?
A) I call him the Memory Man. He’s talented, elitist and hilarious. He’s a true gent, who always looks after me.

Q) One of the happiest night's of my life was the Tidy Trax 5th birthday party at The Mezzanine in Wolverhampton, the only nightclub in the village. Did you ever go to Mezzanine in Wolverhampton?
A) Damn! I think I just missed Mezzanine. When I started hitting Wolves, it was Atlantis or the Civic Centre. Always started off in Cuban though. Quality house music played in there by my friend Adam Turner, who still resides today.
Q) Next time I'm up in Walsall, do you fancy going for a MASSIVE boozing session at WS1 on Bridge Street?
A) Absolutely, it’s a date. We’ll start in my neck of the woods and get the train over to WS.

Q) What instrument do you usually start a track with?
A) A pad (so synth or sampler).
Q) I read in Teshno that you picked the name Flori because Florence and the Machine had just blown up, not literally. Why, in the notoriously macho world of dance, choose a lady's name that sounds like a flower?
A) Well, it was nearly Florence. It was because of the Machine that I abbreviated it. I thought it went well with Ethyl and a decision had to be made because we had a record due out. If we ever do a live show, I think it would be cool to dress up as old ladies. We could move our gear round in those fabric trolleys you see being carted round markets.

Q) Tulisa Contostavlos or Lana Del Rey?
A) New look Tulisa on a knees-up. Lana at a gig.
Q) What is your favourite Brass Eye scene?
A) Excellent question, and one that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed researching. Something short and sweet for today I think. I give you, Ted Maul:


I think you should do a ‘Brass Eye Scene of the Week’ on WRDM.

Q) As a successful young DJ and producer, are you able to go out clubbing and relax or are you forever comparing yourself to who's playing?
A) Yes, apparently a little too much so if you asked some of my friends. I love being and playing at a really a good party equally, I think. If someone’s really shit and I’ve had too many, the person next to me will probably hear about it.

Q) Stone cold sober or absolutely fucking terminated?
A) Terminated in front of the decks, stone cold behind. The twain are rarely achieved.
Q) What are your plans for the rest of the year? Anything you need to plug?
A) The following have either just come out or are just about to come out:

Ethyl & Flori – Technology Pavilion [Black Key Records]


Ethyl & Flori – Changes [Appian Sounds]


What a lovely, fresh-faced young man! I'll forgive his Wolverhampton blood; I could actually tell that he has a brain and in all of his press pics you can clearly see that he's washed behind his ears during the fortnightly bath in the family steel tub. See you in WS1, Flori! Mine's a black Sambuca.

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I'll be back soon with even more words n' sentences.

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