When I heard that the PTA were eager to talk to me I was more than a little surprised...and concerned. I left school at sixteen and, to be honest, and in all honesty; although I did fuck all in my 5ive years at secondary school, I never didn't not do any fucking damage to no one at all in all the time I was there, not properly. What did the PTA want to talk to me about? Eh?

After scratching my head for TEN minutes I remembered that I'd Twittered the Pittsburgh Track Authority with a bum-licking request for an interview and had now hilariously confused them with the Parent-Teacher Association! LOLoutLOUD. Aditya Ikhsan backed my original request up with a follow up Tweet to Thomas Cox aka Pipe Cock who then responded with an emphatic, "sure", to my original request.

Before I knew it I was being flown first class on British Airways to Pittsburgh International Airport. From there I hitched a lift on a juggernaut down to Ya Momz House where I could see all three members of Pittsburgh Track Authority peering out of the living room window, eagerly anticipating my arrival.

Rat-a-tat-tat, I said to myself as I knocked on the front door. Thomas Cox swung the big wooden rectangle outwards. We shook hands, exchanged pleasantries and were then led to Studio B by Preslav Lefterov's butler. I sat on the drum stool, instantly pulling a ball-point biro and A4 piece of lined paper out of my WRDM carrier bag. Thomas casually leaned against the purple Baby Grand Piano and said, "shoot".

I shot and here is the shat:


Q) For anyone unfamiliar with the Pittsburgh Track Authority, could you tell them who you are, what you do and why you do it?
A) We represent the city of Pittsburgh and are 100% about that life.

Q) Has establishing yourself in the music industry been dead hard or dead easy?
A) Dead easy, if "easy" means working really hard and not being a dick!

Q) Do you take yourselves seriously?
A) Dead seriously, bruv! Super duper seriously. Most seriously.

Q) The Pittsburgh Steelers recently lost an American Football game against the Minnesota Vikings at Wembley Stadium. If the Baggies had to fly all the way to Cincinnati to play Villa once a year I'd be fucking livid. Are you livid that your local team came all this way to play a league game, regardless of whether they lost?
A) We love the Steelers, but it's Pirates season this year!

Q) Growing up in Pittsburgh, were there any local influences? Club nights, DJs, promoters that made you consider what you do now an option? Or did you look beyond The 412 for inspiration?
A) Yes - Hypervinyl Records, Trevor Combee (R.I.P.), Club Havana, Balance / Fuzz, Steel City Jungle, Jerry's Records, WRCT, Technoir Audio, Jwan Allen, the Attic - there was a very healthy scene for a short but intense period of time, with a lot of influences external and internal, too many to really mention all.

Q) 909 or 808 Kick?
A) Both.

Q) Have you ever completed a transition in a DJ set with a spin-back? If so, which record was it and what was the reaction of the crowd?
A) Fuck no, where we're coming from, you might get beat up for that (unless you're playing dancehall records)!

Q) Pittsburgh boasts more bridges, owing to its location at the confluence of the Allegheny, Ohio, and Monongahela, than any other American city or region. How do the bridges in the Iron City compare with those on the River Thames in London?
A) There are more of them in Pittsburgh.

Q) You're playing with Reel By Real (Martin Bonds) on Friday in London. It's his London debut so will you be dossing around town with him this weekend or are you leaving him to it?
A) We've never met, would obviously be down to hang out, though not really sure how everything's going down.

Q) My cousin, Deeni, went to Berghain recently and said that the place was full of zombies. What is Berghain really like?
A) Berghain you really gotta see for yourself; we had a really fun time playing at Panorama Bar.

The world's scariest bouncers at Berlin club Berghain?

Q) Curate your fantasy night. What’s it called? Which venue? Who is DJing (alive or dead)? Is there a dress code?
A) Waajeed and Skurge DJing at the Cricket, everyone welcome, no dress code, sweatpants allowed.

Q) Stone cold sober or absolutely fucking terminated?
A) Refer to question 1.

Q) Lady Miss Kier or Jodi Applegate?
A) Lady Miss Kier, if she's singing on a Jonny L track.

Q) What do Pittsburgh Track Authority have planned for the future?
A) Pittsburgh Tracks 003 - the Allegheny Acid / Primitive Rhythms EP, a new EP on Spencer Parker's Work Them, Pittsburgh Tracks 004 - Cruise Control by fellow Pittsburghers, Model Human, a few other surprises...and taking over the world!



What a lovely bunch of young men. Please join me in wishing them all the very best for the future.

PTA will be playing in London on FRIDAY THIS WEEK with Gerd and Reel by Real . Spend £10 on seeing them at London Fields Brewhouse this week then spend a MASSIVE amount of time in the future telling people that you saw Pittsburgh Track Authority in an intimate venue on the cheap before they started headlining Fabric and playing those Friday afternoon office parties for the peacock staff at Mixmag.

Here's the details again: Nonline at London Fields Brewhouse

I'll be back soon with MASSIVE QUESTIONS with Severino, Medium Questions with a clubber in Dubai, loads more dance music reviews and etc, etc with you know who.

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