The Weekly Review of Dance Music has launched a new social media campaign aimed at preventing frowns and raising awareness for dance music to a wider, non-dancing audience. Using the hash tag #WRDMemes, WRDM is asking the UK’s 40 million Twitter and Facebook users to post hilarious dance music related memes.

Head of Media and Internal Communications Tonka explains: “The craze for memes, where people take existing images or photos on their smart phones and upload them to social media sites with hilarious captions, has reached new heights. We’re jumping on the bandwagon to help us reach a specific age-band within our target audience of young professionals. According to a recent poll by phone company HTC, 75 per cent of 18 to 24 year olds LOVE dance memes and our own research shows that young professionals, 18 to 35 year olds are responsible for a high percentage of accidental pop and rock band gig attendances in London.”

Examples of #WRDMemes include:

I'm proper bored of doing memes now. It won't be hard to top any of them so #getinvolved That last one is actually a taster for my next single, E Is For England (Let's Score). It's going to be the official minimal hard house track for England at the World Cup in Brasil. It'll hopefully be a terrace favourite for our brave boys travelling from Peterborough, Millwall, West Bromwich, East Ham, Chelsea and Leeds to do battle with crews and squads from all over the world.

I'll be back soon with more of this and loads more of that.

I'm just getting off the tube at Farringdon now so I'd better fuck off. I'm a bit late for Fabric's birthday party! At least I didn't forget to bring a card.

I might not be the first one in, but I will be the last one out. I'll try and post something from the Room 1 dance floor on Sunday afternoon when Ricky V is on.

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