WRDM Credit Crunch 2014 Special

Welcome to a very special Credit Crunch 2014 SPECIAL.

I'll tell you now, the music coming out of 2014 so far has been brilliant. Fucking brilliant. I watched the video to Busta Rhymes, Lil Wayne, Q-Tip and Kanye West's new song, Thank You, this morning whilst sitting on the toilet doing my business. I only knew the song existed because The Guardian Guide made it their Pick of the Week on Saturday...even though it's been out for months in America.

I was arguing with my mate, Draper, about this song. He thinks that it's a mediocre, minimal, clich├ęd hip-hop track with unnecessary cameos that sounds like Kanye shat into his drawers whilst waiting for Kim Kardashian to kook his dinner. I think that it's a soulful, disco rap that hits all the right buttons; mine, and the fact that Q-Tip is involved means that the song cannot fail. Name a bad Q-Tip track. You can't. That looped mono-guitar lick also sounds like Bootylicious, which is no bad thing at all. Know what I mean?

So, Busta, Abstract, The Louis Vuitton Don and Young Weezy...the verdict...

...you'll be pleased to know that...

...the world famous Weekly Review of Dance Music...

...is saying to you that...

...your score for Thank You is...





...I'm afraid we have to go to a break! Sorry, guys. Back in two minutes.

Have you ever been to Cambridge and found yourself BORED UGLY looking at dreadful window displays promising you two bedroom houses that are close to amenities, an indoor toilet and GREAT local primary schools at affordable prices? Have you peered through the window and witnessed the blunt-suited, shit-stirring horror inside? Have you become thoroughly disheartened by the whole, sorry estate agency trade?

Chin up and listen to Tonka. You need to check out the brand new STRUTT & PARKER office, which is located in the HEART of Cambridge. The friendly, sharp-suited residential team at STRUTT & PARKER specialise in selling a wide range of Cambridge property across the city and also throughout the surrounding towns and villages.

I was recently challenged by DJ Bill Brewster to describe STRUTT & PARKER in just three words. Let me tell you how I replied; Estate agents Cambridge.

STRUTT & PARKER. The future of selling houses...today.

Welcome back to the Weekly Review of Dance Music! Busta, Q-Tip, the score. My verdict has been verified by me and is final. Thank You is currently at 37 in the official UK Top 40 Chart. However, Tonka is giving you the double thumbs up and scoring you a whopping 8 out of 10! Congratulations, guys!

Busta Rhymes - Thank You ft. Q-Tip, Kanye West and Lil Wayne

Buy it here for $1.29: iTunes/Thank-You

I've not just been listening to rap music though. The upcoming Split Personalities EP by Poncho Warwick and Wally Callerio on Defected Records is not just mind-blowing, it is fantastic. I'll be honest, I only listened to this because I originally thought it was by Wally Lopez. It's not, and I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that Poncho Warwick and Wally Callerio are actually the same person (all these DJs with multiple AKAs need their fucking heads testing if you ask me)! This is still a great EP though. Whilst showering nakedly in the shower this morning I was challenged to describe the Split Personalities EP in more than three words by Shane Watcha, Tim Sheridan and Ethyl. I accidentally dropped my soap and slowly bent over to pick it up before responding thus:

"The Split Personalities EP on Defected Records, eh lads? Well, Who Will Comfort Me boldly merges house and jazz conventions by using brass instruments and a mesmerising vocal to create a finger snapping organic sound. Things then liven up with a nu-jazz-deep-house hybrid called Only I Am Mine which merges funk and poignancy in a way that only he could execute so artistically. That's not to mention the terrific remixes by Guti Summer and Slowmo."

 Poncho Warwick & Wally Callerio

Poncho Warwick & Wally Callerio - Split Personalities EP

Poncho Warwick & Wally Callerio - Split Personalities EP is out on 27 February 2014. Defected Records is where you can get it from...and probably Beatport.

What a post! I'll be back next Tuesday with loads more adverts, reviews, news and the return of MASSIVE QUESTIONS. See you next Tuesday.

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