Now that the UK General Election 2015 has been wrapped up, we can all get on with pretending to be interested in things other than politics, like dance music.

I love reading dance music people interviews. They're always dead interesting and you get to learn loads about the person being interviewed; like the name of their upcoming release, and when their next release is out in the shops, and where you can buy their next release from. MASSIVE QUESTIONS on the world famous Weekly Review of Dance Music is great for delivering that kind of information, isn't it?

Isn't it?

Dance music VETERAN, Matt Tolfrey, loves Fabric so much, he insisted that we conduct our interview in the Fabric Room 1 DJ booth whilst he played his records at the launch party for his recent Fabric CD: fabric 81 (which you can buy here: fabric 81 purchase link. It was loud, dark and full of fun, and as you can see by reading the transcript below, we had a lot of loud, dark fun together.

I'd not had that much fun since Farr Festival last year. Thankfully, they're bringing the party back to Stevenage THIS year (16 - 18 July) and - I really must say this - tickets are STILL available. Click on this link for details: and go to their Facebook page to watch a video containing the full line-up and loads of cinematographic slow-motion action shots from last year if you're still, somehow, undecided about going:



Q. For anyone unfamiliar with the name, Matt Tolfrey, could you tell them who you are, what you do and why you do it?
A. My name is Matthew Len Tolfrey, and I am a disc jockey and occasional music producer because I like being self-indulgent and on my own for extensive periods of time.

Q. Why did you choose the moniker, Matt Tolfrey, as a DJ name? Did you ever toy with the idea of prefixing it with DJ, like a proper DJ (DJ Matt Tolfrey), or suffixing it with something more exciting like Sick Beatz (DJ Sick Beatz) or Bosha Mosha (DJ Bosha Mosha)?
A. I thought I had done enough creatively by just using Matt instead of Matthew, and dropping the Len?

Q. Modestly, you've only included one of your own songs on Fabric 81. Were you not tempted to include a few more, like when Ricardo Villalobos did his Fabric CD?
A. There’s actually 4 tracks on there that I am involved in… Ohhhhh, the mystery...

Q. Open or closed hi-hat?
A. Closed. Open hats are too obvious.
Q. I went to The Bomb in 2002 and had a great time. It was like a little maze and, although I lost all my mates after about half an hour, I did pull a bird who, before taking me back to her parent's house for a 2-in-a-bed unprotected sex romp, had a piss in the doorway of Littlewoods in front of everyone. What is your fondest memory of The Bomb?
A. I paid £10 entrance once for one of their birthdays to see Sasha, Craig Richards and Lee Burridge in room one, Andy Weatherall and Damian Lazarus in room two, and Mr Scruff all night long in Barrio’s upstairs. That would probably cost you £150 now and it would be in a car park somewhere.

Q. What made you include the breathtaking The Bath House by my very dear friend, Dan Beaumont, on Fabric 81?
A. My good pal Geddes who signed the track to No Fit State moaned because I hadn't included any tracks from his label on the mix, and that was the only one I liked.

Q. I'm listening to Queen - The Greatest Hits by Queen whilst writing these questions. What is your favourite Greatest Hits CD of all time?
A. The best collection of Survivor. Got to love you some Eye Of The Tiger.

Q. Is it true that you run FOUR record labels?
A. Only THREE.

Q. What is the point in having FOUR record labels?
A. There isn’t ONE.

Q. Stone cold sober or absolutely fucking terminated?
A. Before DJing, stone cold sober, and as last record finishes, suddenly absolutely fucking terminated.

Q. Would it be possible for you to sort me out on the Fabric promo list where I receive the proper CDs (in the metal boxes) instead of occasional Soundcloud promo links from varying PR people, please?
A. I can surely introduce you to someone that could help out. What’s your address and I’ll send you one of mine, so that’s a start.
Craig Tolfrey, I call them! LOLoutLOUD.
Q. What is Craig Richards really like?
A. I don’t know… I only talk to him in the dark...

Q. How annoying is it when you’re on the telephone and the person on the other end mistakes you for the Californian playwright, Matt Pelfrey?
A. Not as annoying as when someone says 1-800, get it???

Q. What are your DJ and production plans for the rest of the year?
A. I’m gonna be a father for the first time in a few weeks, so I’m not thinking much past there. It is Ten Years Of Leftroom this year though, so keep an eye out for some releases with that in the title.

Q. Do you have any words of advice for any young readers of the Weekly Review of Dance Music who are looking to get a break in the music industry?
A. When sending a demo to a label, treat it as more like a job interview than anything else. Don’t cc every label email address you have managed to get hold of and write in the subject ‘SIGN MY TRACKS, YOU WILL LIKE.’ Email the label personally to the A and R or label head, ask them in what format would they like the demos to be in, and wait for an email in return. This sounds like I’m being a bit of a cunt, but if I get any demos submitted in any other way I just delete them immediately. If people give me the impression they don’t have respect for their own material, than I, in turn, won’t find time to listen to it.

fabric81 mixed by Matt Tolfrey is out now: Another fabric 81 purchase link


What a lovely young man. Please join me in congratulating Matt on his successful career so far, his upcoming fatherhood and a hearty WRDM best wishes for ALL of his future endeavours. I'll be emailing Matt the postal address for WRDMHQ this afternoon. Fingers crossed he sorts me out with the proper metal box Fabric CDs in future!

I'll be back next Tuesday with loads more dance music related content, some contentious and controversial opinions on the current state of house and techno, barbed asides at lots of other music writers I'm jealous of, WRDMerchandise is coming back, some Hilarious Lookalikes and plenty MORE.

ONLY in your super soaraway Weekly Review of Dance Music.

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