Tall Paul - Rock Da House

Over the course of the last four years, I've made mention of this track and, in particular, the video, of which I believe to be one of, if not the, greatest dance music videos of all time. Show me another dance music video where you can watch Tall Paul, Craig Richards out of Fabric, Seb Fontaine and Alex P out of Brandon Block and Alex P mucking about on a ski slope. You can't because there is only one video like that in the world, and that's the video for Rock Da House.

"Moving, grooving, just let the record spin." Rock Da House even has a vocal line that urges you to move, groove and let the record spin. It's an upbeat dance music song ABOUT dance music with an accompanying music video that showcases a bunch of popular underground DJs on holiday together. I can't stress enough how good this track and video is (and I'm not being funny or ironic or whatever most of you think I am. I genuinely think this is fucking brilliant and it's of a time when people in the dance music industry had money and knew how to enjoy themselves).
You won't find Rock Da House in any "classic tracks" content filler lists on the pages of the so-called authorities in dance music (Mixmag, The Quietus, FACT, Pitchfork, DJ Mag, Ransom Note, Minimal Messages, Pulse, Teshno, Red Bull, etc) but I'll always be giving it air time on the Weekly Review of Dance Music.

My dance music fantasy is for Paul, Seb, Craig and Alex to get back together in the studio one last time and create Rock Da House II. In the video for this hypothetical follow up, I think we should see them running around a posh hotel with loads of big-boobed glamour models whilst the squares who run the joint are all pulling their hair out at the boy's bad behaviour. There'd also be lots of shots of the rich old guests poking their heads into the corridor and looking aghast at what's going on. For the last minute of the video, EVERYONE in the hotel is having a good time in the ballroom as the four lads throw a party to remember - and you'll see the haughty old men (who were previously aghast) dancing with the glamour models with massive grins on their faces.

Anyway, watch the video for the original Rock Da House and transport yourself back to a time of dance music excess, the likes of which we will NEVER see again:

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