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I put a request out to the world the other day to ask if any websites wanted some quality content (a dance mix podcast). I had a few responses on email but nothing excited me, financially creatively, so I've decided to host the mix myself, on here; the world famous Weekly Review of Dance Music.

For a bit of fun, I stood in front of my long bedroom mirror and asked myself a series of questions that, on second glance, happen to be identical to the questions that Resident Advisor put to their contributing podcast DJs!

Have a listen to The Ultimate Mix, download it before it gets taken down and read the below interview I conducted with myself.


What have you been up to recently?

Listening to La HOME Box by Laurent Garnier (it's fucking brilliant and available to buy here) and contemplating whether or not it's worth my while to carry on writing the Weekly Review of Dance Music to a dwindling audience, poor support from fellow bloggers and journalists and a fast-diminishing enthusiasm and energy for what should be (by now) a premium dance and culture website.

How and where was the mix recorded?

The Ultimate Mix was recorded at WRDMHQ in Northolt on three Technics turntables, a crossfader, a Cambridge Audio amp and a CD tray.

Can you tell us about the idea behind the mix?

I trudged back to WRDMHQ on Friday night after a day of disappointment (I won't say why*) and immediately fired up my decks, all of them. What then materialised was an ocean wave of inspiration that washed and splashed all over the walls of my Northolt living room office, spraying everything in sight with inspiration, getting my brown leather sofette wringing wet with inspiration and soaking my ironing pile with absolutely loads of inspiration. I was dripping in inspiration myself, and rage.

When I finished doing what I was doing, I exported everything to an AIFF file before converting it to MP3 in iTunes and burning that to CD so I could listen to it in my big blue car. I then uploaded the MP3 to Mixcloud because I've had my fingers burned by Soundcloud before when it comes to mixes containing copyrighted songs.

Then, I thought that maybe I should upload to Soundcloud as well in case people want to download the mix I'd created: The Ultimate Mix. THEN, I decided to just leave it on Soundcloud and revert to Mixcloud if and when they take this mix down.
Only joking. LOLoutLOUD. My initial idea was to create a mix that played with the idea of being rubbish but bristled with enough confidence and solid tunes to make it sound half credible. I then wanted to persuade a website to publish it as an unofficial/bootleg DJ Harvey mix and watch everybody masturbate online over it. The three websites I approached with this idea declined as they relied on strong associations with DJ Harvey to appear breezy and did not want to upset any of the influential organisations that he is associated with either.

* Fuck it, I will say why. I'd had an unexpected flash-back that afternoon to the time I received a Rockers t-shirt as a gift from my parents in 1992. Within days of unwrapping the t-shirt, Shawn Michaels had delivered some sweet chin music to Marty Jannetty and forced his sorry, coked-up, steroid-ravaged, yet strangely wholesome figure through the window of Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake's (real name) barber shop-cum-interview area, and I never got to wear the t-shirt out. It still pisses me off.

Where does Blanck Mass stand in relation to your work as part of Fuck Buttons?

You what? Where does the what what stand to the what?

You said Dumb Flesh was "a comment on the flaws of the human form in its current evolutionary state." Does that come from something of a misanthropic viewpoint?

When the fucking hell did I say that? Are you ok, mate?

What are you up to next?
I'm about to eat this whole packet of prawn cocktail crisps and start planning my wardrobe for Farr Festival (last remaining tickets available here).

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1) We Shall Fight Them On The Bitches

2) Trust In Me

3) Bleaching Agent - Static Renegade (Perc Remix)

4) Can't Knock The Hustle (Fool's Paradise Remix)

5) Kaliponi Slack Key

6) Quiet Village

7) Get It Together

8) Bad Idea (Original Demo Version)

9) Optigan 1

10) Laurent Garnier - The Rise & Fall Of The Donkey Dog (Husbands Remix)

11) Jake "The Snake" Roberts Theme (Tonka's Chronic Version)

12) Jake "The Snake" Roberts Theme

13) Bleaching Agent - Static Renegade (Perc Remix)

14) Hit 'Em Up

15) The Robots (Albert Marzinotto Remix)