Last week I told a white lie and said that this week's post would be about all kinds of interesting stuff, and beef, but I was talking out of my pert, sexy, rimmable little arsehole. This week is actually all about looking at DJs who look a bit like other people. LOLoutLOUD. Yes! It's the RETURN of Hilarious Lookalikes. Get your eyeballs in front of these pictures, read the descriptions and laugh until your eyeballs fall out and you need to buy replacements from the eyeball shop.

DJ Harvey and Joey "The Lips" Fagan out of The Commitments

Have you ever seen DJ Harvey on the same film set as the bloke who plays Joey "The Lips" Fagan off of that motion picture, The Commitments? No? Neither have I! It might be something to do with the fact that they look EXACTLY like one another and the director might shout, "Action!", at the wrong person, with hilarious consequences! ROFLOFL

Prosumer and the bearded bloke off of ABBA

I always used to say that Prosumer looked like P-Thugg off of Chromeo, Mike Manumission and Eavis Glastonbury, but I was wrong. He actually looks like the one with the beard out of ABBA! Have a look at the picture above and tell me that Prosumer doesn't look like the one out of ABBA with the beard. You'd be wrong, wouldn't you, because he DOES look like the bearded one off of ABBA!! LOLoutLOUD

Lee Burridge and DVS1

I've got a couple of cracking jokes for you now, ladies and gentlemen. I say...

Q. What's white, bald, friendly-looking and spins dance discs for a living?
A. DVS1.

Q. What's white, bald, friendly-looking and spins dance discs for a living?
A. Lee Burridge.

It's the way I fucking tell them! PMSLOLOMFA

How many have I done so far? Three? Fucking hell. That's not enough for a proper post. Right...

Prins Thomas and Justin Lee Collins

Have you ever seen Prins Thomas and Justin Lee Collins booting the fuck out of women in the same room? No? Neither have I, but that's not to suggest that Prins Thomas knocks the opposite sex into next week, that was just another way of saying that Prins Thomas looks a bit like JLC, if you've had a few beers and are squinting. MILFNUR

So, is it all worth it? I've been writing as Tonka for a long time now, and it's natural for me to wonder if this blog ran its course YEARS ago, and whether it was foolish of me to think plugging it back in on a weekly basis in 2017 is a good idea. Has today's post answered any questions? Has it entertained? Are you not entertained? I never really did give a fuck about the ins and outs of dance music, and I stopped being impressed by DJs and producers in about 2012. They're easily accessible, desperate for flattery, and they do a fucking boring, sub-creative and, frankly, sad job - especially if you're still in the DJ game through to middle-age.

"What do you do for a living?"

"I'm a DJ."

"How old are you?"



Blogging is cool, though, isn't it, ladies and gentlemen? And lucrative.


Jennifer Cardini and Professor Brian Cox

Fuck me. This one's bad. Sorry, Jennifer. Sorry, Brian. I think the only resemblance here is their hairstyles in the two pictures I took about fifteen minutes trawling through Google Images for. LOLCHOMPA

I'll be back on here next week, on here every single day of my life and on here on Friday.

Enjoy the rest of your week, you fucking TWAT.

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